Case Study 1

Newsdrop Vs Field Marketing and DM

Newsdropnetwork Vs Direct Mail :

Direct Mail :

Direct mail is delivered to the stores at up to 2pm each day.

The store owner has traditionally left the store to go to wholesalers, other stores etc and leaves a non decision maker in charge.

Direct mail is rarely treated as anything other than junk mail and has a redemption rate on coupons of lest that 0.01 percent.

Direct mail on top of print and production has an additional cost of envelope, envelope fulfilment and the price of post.

Newsdropnetwork :

Delivers your message/marketing collateral directly to the store owner at a time he can absorb and react on your message.

Information is placed with sensitive billing information into the invoice folders every Monday .

These folders are addressed and only opened by the bill payer/owner.

There is no need for envelope or envelope fulfilment costs.

Coupon redemption rate is 6%*

Recall rate of marketing material is 84%*

*independent research by MBA Field Marketing

Newsdropetwork Vs Field Marketing/Sampling

Field Marketing/Sampling

Field Marketing can add a holistic dimension to your above the line campaign and enables the brand to interact at grassroots with the consumer or trade.


A sample of a new product can be sent to 34,000 stores within 48 hours, this enables brands to be able to have a new variant into the hands of consumers on a volume scale in a timescale that is unreachable by field marketing and traditional sampling.

The cost for a campaign is about 70 percent cheaper than traditional field marketing.

Campaigns can be mapped to use stores around certain demographic or geographical locations such as high ethnicticy areas or Schools and Colleges etc.

POS packs can be sent for half the cost of traditional mail.

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